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About Us

We Make It Simple For You

Taking legal action can be overwhelming. It is human nature to do nothing when one is overwhelmed or confused. Why not get your estate plan up to speed while you are safely at home during this viral time? We are dedicated to providing you help in clear language, giving you choices that you can understand, and using a process that won't leave you with a lot of "homework."  You'll end up with a will, trust, power of attorney, health care directive, and/or the documents that are appropriate for your situation ... but most important of all, we think you'll end up with peace of mind that this important topic is done. And we take pride in our formal program to help clients keep things up to date as the  law and your situation changes over the years.

A Simple Process to Get You Results

The first step is for you to meet with us (virtually by video or phone) and come up with a plan to get the peace of mind you need. Through our understanding of the law, and your understanding of your circumstances, we will craft a path to achieve your goals and calm any worries.  Most families need only 2 or 3 meetings to finish our process. We generally charge a flat fee to accomplish the results, so you will not have the meter ticking by the hour. 

Get Started Today

Don't wait! It is also human nature to procrastinate about a subject that no one really wants to face.  So contact us for a  consultation. Let us help you figure out what your best next steps are. The sooner you have a plan of action, the better your chance to get the results you want. See the "Downloads"section below for directions to our office in Ellicott City and for the Personal Information Form which you can take 5 minutes to fill in before you arrive. Once we are all freed from this viral lockdown, you'll like our free parking just steps from our front door.

Our Team

Our attorney, Mark Bobotek, has over 25 years experience helping families in Ellicott City, Columbia, Catonsville, and throughout Maryland and Virginia with their wills, estate planning law, probate and trust administration and elder law needs. See the "Downloads" section below for more information about Mark. Our paralegals Lisa Stewart and Samantha Bobotek also have years of experience.