Still On The Internet Forever…

The Washington Post featured an article on January 25, 2010 about how to keep your family informed about your web presence, including passwords and emails, if you become sick or pass away. It makes the valid point that for so many of us, a lot of life is online. Years ago, your family could go into your house and find a paper trail, but now that trail may be online.

It mentions a service called Legacy Locker, as well as , DataInherit, Entrustnet, Parting Wishes, VitaLock, My Last Email, IfI Die, and I haven’t tried any of the products or sites so I can’t endorse any particular ones.

This is somewhat personal to me. I try to decide when to take down the Facebook page of my wife, who passed away suddenly in a car accident in summer of 2009. We knew each other’s passwords, but if something had happened to both of us, our children would not have known all of them.

Any of our clients who can’t access the article online can contact us and we’ll try to make it available to you.

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