We are here to help! Probate of a will and/or administration of a trust in Maryland, Virginia or D.C. involves some complexity. It is rarely as simple as people think it will be at first. Some of the issues that usually need consideration are: income taxes for the decedent and also for the estate or trust, estate taxes, inheritance taxes in Maryland, transfer of real estate and financial assets to the new owner(s), distribution of household goods and jewelry and pets, family dynamics and maintaining proactive relations with beneficiaries, etc.

We have more than 25 years experience in helping executors and trustees through these issues smoothly. Too often we see someone start to act as executor or trustee alone without professional help, and in the end, realize that it would have been easier and less expensive to have gotten professional guidance from the beginning. Again, we are here to help! We generally charge flat fees, rather than by the hour, so you know upfront how much it will cost for our help.”